August 18

There is already a little bit that I work on this concept and here you are, here is the very first WW. The very first Womance's Writers. Because yes, baby Womance is growing more and more. Maude wrote to me, to share her love for Womance. His message began with: "I introduce myself, Maude Boutet, a young woman of passionate 20 who has in it! Okay, the message looks so long, BUT it's just an illusion. " I was already sold. Maude left overnight to work in Toronto. As she wrote to me so well: "I would like to show that Womance is everywhere, that it is a way of life, no matter where you are. She will make us discover Toronto little by little, but she will also make us discover the woman we become while traveling. Traveling for work. Because in his words, it's all an adventure. I will not tell you anything else. This is Maude :)

I chose the void. And I do not regret anything.

Three months ago, I finished CEGEP. I was proud to lug my new paper Diploma of College Studies in my backpack, between my pack of Excel erasers, my lipstick and my pencil case. I was just beginning to walk the road that I already had a choice to make. The left panel indicated "COMFORT", simply, without artifice. The panel on the right indicated "VERTIGINOUS EMPTY", in large fluorescent letters flashaient. When you stand on the edge of a cliff, a strange feeling inhabits you, as if the void was calling you. I answered the call: I jumped into a vertiginous void. Why ? Because fear is never a reason, it's an excuse.

Three months ago, I found myself on the job market ... with no job. On a whim, I sent my resume to Toronto. A week and a half later, my little ego and my suitcases set foot in the city. Sincerely, I took a risk. But this risk is the best decision of my life.

I realized a lot of things. The first: there is nothing like settling in a new city to not only discover it, but to live it and understand it.

A trip, you plan it a quarter turn: you'll see the Doris and the Nemos at the aquarium, you go in such a popular tourist attraction and unavoidable to finally do an activity a little more out of the ordinary style a ride horse in full savannah. It's ben ben hot a trip, really. But living a city, I tell you, it's worth it so much. You will explore it from top to bottom. You will discover places that will become "your" places, places that will make you feel at home. The word "house" will take a different meaning for you.

There is also the word adventure that will take a different meaning in your eyes. Because going on an adventure, you will realize that it is not necessarily to make a backpack trip in a small beige kit of explorer in a remote place of the world that nobody knows. A good adventure, it is one that allows you to travel in yours; it makes you discover skills and qualities you did not know existed. Adventure is not a precise geographic location; you can find it near or far away.

It's like your happiness; he too can be everywhere. Who said he could not be miles away from the little piece of the world you know as the bottom of your pocket? Who said you had to follow the rules and follow the path that we say "usual"? Nobody said it out loud, but it sounds like everyone has heard it.

During your journey, you will accumulate events, stories and adventures of all kinds. You'll probably crash at one point, but you'll get up. It's not a world of unicorns, fairies and charming princes waiting for you. It's a beautiful world, but a difficult world. You will have to work hard and take your place. Perhaps you will take detours, but it will always be better to come back on the right path. All this will slip into your bag, alongside your diploma, your package of gum and your lipstick. Whatever happens, you will come out grown and strong.

At the very end, you'll take a look over your shoulder. You will then realize that now, you know when to listen to your heart, just as you know when to let your head take control. You will perceive that whatever happens, to the end of life, this experience will follow you. You'll remember the time you chose the "VERYGINOUS VACUUM" sign to pursue your dream, and you'll be proud. And you're going to have the taste of answering once again the call of emptiness.


Of course Maude will not be the only WW. When you read the definition of a Womance: they are ambitious, generous and determined women for whom life is only a very big field to explore. Does it meet you? We are looking for 5 WW, in 5 different areas: Beauty (makeup / beauty care), hairdressing, lifestyle (events MTL / QC / where it's fun), sport and health. Are you interested ? The approach is simple. Send us a text of about 350 words to info@womance.ca by identifying the area that interests you. Do not bother. Be you!



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