WW - Your fake good idea. To send a SMS

September 27, 2015

Your wrong idea. To send a SMS

You had an FBI. A false good idea. I still wonder how you thought it was a good idea to leave someone text message.

Tell me, what is the reflection you went through to say, "Yeah, that's the best way to finish this." Tell me because sincerely it does not fit in my head. At worst, maybe it's just me who was born with one less neuron in my brain and it's that it was this neuron that I needed to understand. At worst, I live in 1950, at the time when techno had no way to interfere in a relationship.

Photo credit: Samuel Brisebois

To you who read these lines and who have suffered, you are not the only person on Earth who has happened. To you who read these lines and who made the gesture, you are not the only one of your gang either. But I would not want anyone to come to enlarge your clan. I would love that.

Leaving someone by text message, it does not happen. Whether it is a few days / nights or a love affair with a great A that lasts for months, even years. Regardless of the situation, the texto option should not be valid.

If you feel that it does not suit you anymore, it's ok. You have ample right to terminate the affair. By embarking on a story with another human, we know for a fact that we will hurt ourselves or we will hurt one day or another. We do not live in a bubble, we are not ice blocks, we can not avoid the inevitable. Flat to say, realistic to fart the head in the walls.

By leaving someone through your cell, you are trying to spare yourself. At the moment when you decide, where you take your little courage with both hands and you press on "Send", you only think of yourself. You tear it off plaster a quick blow, quickly done well. It hurts less for both of you that you say, tse. In addition, you are less likely to plant yourself and say anything wrong than what you think. You had time to think about the words to use, their alignment. You have had time to go back to the phrases in all directions for it to be beautiful, so that it sounds good, not that you look too naughty. You do not want to be mean. But now, you are removing all humanity and the spontaneity of a relationship. You make it cold, difficult to compare.

At the same time, you give yourself the luxury of not living with the memory of the reaction of the other. It's a memory that would hurt you too much, a memory that would tarnish a page in the book of your life. And you're not ready for that, oh no! That makes you tarnish a complete page of the book of the other. The grass will be less green at the neighbor, but not at you.

Know that the other in question would have taken it a lot better if you had told him in the face. The other will have as much trouble in the end, but it would have gone better. The other would have understood because you would have explained to him with your words, your expressions, your stammering, your fleeting eyes, your wriggling hands to try to evacuate some of the stress that invades your body. The other could have seen that it was not easy for you to do the move, that you were not so much in control as that. The other could have asked questions, it would have helped. But it was too much for you.

I know you're not cowardly, I know you're not selfish. I know you're a good person. But this one and only gesture is all that: cowardly and selfish. You thought of yourself and just you. But you're a good person, it's not for nothing that the other has let you into his life. Also, you have the merit of having been honest: I grant you it. Thank you for having been. But as for how you could be, the congratulations you expect will never happen. The other is too busy hitting a piñata and stuffing his face in the falling candies.

Nobody is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. Everyone can learn.

To you who read these lines and who has suffered, you are not the only person on Earth to whom it happened. To you who read these lines and did the gesture, you're not the only one of your gang either. No matter what your clan is, I hope you recognize yourself: I hope it makes you feel good or that it spits you where you need it.



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