WW - I know someone different

September 29, 2015

To describe oneself, it can become quickly uncomfortable. For fear of not finding the right words, I questioned my dear friends to know the words that reminded them of my little person. "Generous" has been announced, yet they know how tight my wallet is after rent. A friend said that I am "present", whereas I have the impression of running constantly after the passing of time. The word "rewarding" came out, but two years ago the student hat does not suit me anymore. "A little crazy," knowing that I would like to be more. "Aventureuse": look good, I have completed a quarter of a hundredth of what I want to achieve. "Simple". This, yes. So I end this mini-presentation-semi-malaiseful saying that what we project and what we think to clear, are two very different things.

I know someone different

When the snow had just melted, I had the improbable encounter of someone special. We knew each other by sight, I found her hilarious. We just decided to go have a beer-jasette. It was as if I had known her forever. I had absolutely no filter. She quickly became a friend who is precious to me, in spite of herself.

Noémie has kindness in the eyes, a sense of humor that makes me bend every time, a passion in the word. Unconsciously, I realized that there was something different about her. The idea of ​​starting a literary blog together was simmering. The fear of failure suddenly overtook her and made her drop everything without warning. I was not so surprised, knowing that's all that, Noémie.

If she decides to pay attention to her health, it will be by counting calories, calculator by hand, all scribbled in a notebook. Let's say that moderation is rather absent. I tell her that she is beautiful, that she has a dog and charm to spare; that its innumerable calculations are nothing compared to all that it releases.

It's that Noemie, when she has an idea (as crazy as she is): get out of the way. One night, she had rather dark ideas and panic mode in the piton. So she went to the hospital, brave enough.

A borderline personality diagnosis has fallen.

When I heard the news, it made me feel like I had a slap in my face, saying at the same time: relief.

I knew that when I saw his name on my cell with a text saying, "My head is a prison", it was the product of a disturbance up there. To some extent I think she is embarrassed by this diagnosis. However, if it was a stomach problem that had brought her to the emergency that night, there would be no concern to express it.

I want her to know that she is a strong woman and that I admire her. I like it in all its facets, even if it's not so easy. Talking about mental health is something that is done too infrequently. This state is confused with madness and cowardice. It is not so. My friend reflects the image of many people with mental illness who suffer in silence. So I will continue to talk about it to demystify, inform. No one is safe, and if such a situation knocks on your door, you will know for sure that you are not alone.

Noemie has decided to relax in the countryside for a moment. His hobby is to refurbish antique furniture that has some flaws, too. Knowing her, she will probably make fifty (nothing less).

I will be the first to go and drink a beer-jasette on a nice table she has worked. Because a friend that you have the impression to know since always, it's rare, it's worth gold and you accept it in all that it is. Thank you, Noémie.



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