WW - The apology of the selfie

October 01, 2015

Julie, 20 years old, holds a DEC in journalism and a recent student in public relations at UQÀM. Native Jonquière, I have too many dreams for my own good (and my wallet). Note that I am irrevocably in love with beautiful words, beautiful clothes, good music and good food. My goal in life is to make my passion for culture, the art of living and communications, a career - and travel, a lot, everywhere.

It is with joy that Istart my new chapter in Montreal as Womance Writer, a golden opportunity to collaborate with a team of bold and authentic women as I aspire to be. My favorite subjects: editorial, lifestyle and event coverage. See you soon on a screen near you!

The apology of the selfie

No, but is not it terrible that a girl is beautiful?

Self-portrait photos better known as "selfies" have a hard time. Ridiculed at best and fiercely denigrated in the worst, this new photographic trend propelled by social networks is often described as "egocentric" and "superficial".

The authors (because we must recognize that this is a predominantly female practice, not that the male is excluded) of these famous selfies are accused wrongly and through being "lack of attention And to attract likes to satisfy their gigantic ego.

Of course, when you choose to publish a self-image on social networks, it is often because we are satisfied with our appearance. In turn, sharing a photo on the Internet is like saying we are beautiful on this one. #SCANDAL.

Is it so appalling that a person appreciates his appearance? Could society have become so obsessed with inaccessible ideals of beauty that the fact that a person likes to look at a particular cliché is impossible to conceive? So much so that it becomes outrageous? Are we really here?

Let's say YES to the selfie. Encourage people to feel good about themselves, so much so that they will want to share it proudly! A selfie does not just say, "Look at me, I'm beautiful." Above all, it shows that regardless of our weight, age, ethnicity or dress style, it is possible to be beautiful / beautiful and to accept oneself even if we do not necessarily respond to the unique model of beauty that society tries to impose us.

We are bombarded with advertising campaigns aimed at making us feel inferior to this or that norm, in order to make us complex (and, above all, consume) more. Why not promote the selfie to assert one's self-appreciation rather than denigrate it?

There are so many moments when a person can feel bad about themselves, so let them be beautiful for a while. post on Instagram.



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