WW - Me + 1 million

October 14, 2015

Me + 1 million

I was mad. It cost me a big 3 $ that I am amassed by making the assiduous tour of the bottom of my bag, my pockets of coats and my little wool. This madness allowed me to escape for an evening. Dreaming at the most beautiful possible scenarios accompanied by my friends, banging our Pabst cans together to make a semblance of fancy "tchin-tchin".

It's an innocuous combination of numbers that can transform a lot of things. I have in my wallet second lottery ticket for life. I admit to love the creative feeling and a little crazy to imagine my life if I won, n'having no more financial concern. However, if there is one thing I found, itis that money does not necessarily make happiness. The proof: I have been lacking in recent years by counting my groceries at penny, biting my nails en seeing rent go, looking at my pretty room not yet furnished lack of budget.

However I am well. Émoulting when I see a flash pink sunset; grateful to share moments with my friends; serene after my jogging; Playful at the thought of going up any mountain. (Tout gratissss.I guess when you have little ways, we find happiness elsewhere than in the new phone that looks like the previous one, the fashion that changes so quickly and the superfluous needs that we all create.

If I win, well sure, ie clank my debts the time to say «money» and I make sure that all my loved ones are well-ultra-comfortable-without-stress-in-lack-of-nothing. Once that is accomplished, there are some things I would like to do. Since one of my favorite things in life is to please et spoil, I do not see the purpose of having a lot of money if you can not share it with others.

In the morning, I would go down my street and talk to homeless people offering hot coffee, chocolate and mittens. I would arrive at my friends dinner with good wines et good cheeses, to that nobody is missing You're welcome et that there ist pleasure by the ton.

I would offer my mom an unlimited-plane card that would include all her expenses as long as I have money, all over the globe.

I would make a big check to causes, including Héma-Québec because I find çhas so beautiful de give a little bit of self to appease the misfortunes of others.

I will do everything ça and so much more, çhas passed quickly un million). Since the means limit me, I strive to be rich in my own way.

Smiles to the homeless on my way in the morning, bringing donuts to my friends' dinners because it's affordable / peanut-free dessert (nod to my Keven), sentas often as possible postcards to tell my mom that I like it as a ticket, making regular blood donations to 3 months as a check.

See all cgestures, ces thoughts, and cActions like millions, since that's all I can offer for now. As it we will all be rich by helping each other as best we can. Trining our Pabst by noting that this 3 $ raised with my cents will have at least made me lay an article.


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