WW - The unmissable beauty of autumn!

October 15, 2015

The inevitable beauty of autumn

Today, I decided to stop living in denial that it may still be summer, and to live fully in the fall (I know it took a long time before I decided but you know). I put away my sandals, my skirts and my camis, and I took off the scarves, the rain boots, the candles and the big wool sweaters. YESSSS !! Stay in the background, autumn is really cool, because it's the apple season, we're starting to make good hot teas (alllllllllôôôôô chaï squirted!), And we take advantage of the beautiful colors at the restaurant. outside to take selfies with our ponchos and Hunter boots. Do I still need to sell you the idea that fall is cool? Nah I knew you are CONVAICUS! What I like above ALL of the fall is the change we make in our makeup. We get out the dark lipsticks and we abuse smoky eyes, yes madam! So I worked for you girls (guys, take notes!) To introduce my list of fall favorites.

1. The blushes "old rose"

For fall, I particularly like the rosy hues that are darker, that "pull" even on brown. In addition to being really beautiful, it allows to define and sculpt the cheek. These are shades that are good for all skin tones, and for those with a darker complexion, you can even use brown tints to make Contouring (little thing of girl in a hurry) I particularly like the hue Madly from Nars, and the hue Babydoll from Essence (serious, better value for money, these products cost between 3 and 4 $).

2. The lipstick Rebel, from MAC

Well, I do not reinvent anything, Rebel is a classic that everyone knows, but COME ON! What do you still sit reading to me if you do not have it? (OK, you can finish reading and go after haha!) In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful colors of MAC, a beautiful deep purple red hyper pigmented, which really holds a long time (I get up the next day and I I still have some, you see the kind?). The dark shades are a little scary to apply the first time, so I advise you to apply a pencil contour of the lips. It will prevent the lipstick from leaking into the "cracks" and make it last longer, in addition to being easier to apply.

3. Eyeshadows smoky

I particularly like the colors nudes all year round, but fall, I still like it more! This is the time to "butter thick" (we hear here, everything is allowed but the key is in the shading) and bring out the eyes. I advise you to put a base on your eyelid to help keep the shadows, especially if you have an oily skin. This will allow the shadows to hold all day without fading, and not to enter the folds (creaser). My favorite palette of the moment is the Artist Volume 1-Natural Tints Make Up For Ever. It's perfect for a look Day to Night, the shadows are very pigmented and blend with WONDER thanks to their gel-cream texture (there are tutorials on the MUFE website).

4. hydration

Who says autumn, says temperature change. With changing seasons, it is always more difficult for the skin to adapt to the variations of the climate. It's super important to give it a boost, especially by moisturizing it. For my part, I have a skin very dry type and reactive throughout the year, so the hydration has no secret for me, but even normal and mixed skin to oily must increase the hydration in change of season. The ideal is to use a less rich cream in the summer and then use a cream or a richer oil from the fall, and until the printemps. I use alternately the cream Douceur Marine of Phytomer, and the cream Xera Calm Avene. Both are designed for very dry, reactive and red skin, but it is possible in both brands to find a skin care that is suitable for your hydration needs. In fact, there are different ranges for all types of skin in all brands of cosmetics, all you need to know is your skin type.

5. Enjoy the moment (yes!)

I do not know about you, but for me, autumn is my busiest season. With university, internships, work, trying to have a social life (LOL), I often feel like I do not know where to turn, and not be able to take full advantage of it. Whenever winter comes, I always wonder if I have benefited enough. This is my favorite season, and I try to make the most of it, because there's always a ton of activity coming up, and it's happening way too fast. Even if you are as busy as I can be, try to take full advantage of all the passing moments, because after all, there is always something that makes us happy in every little thing in life, it is enough to appreciate it.

That's it, bye bye summer, and welcome autumn!


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