WW - Amazing Experience: Caudalie's Detox Moment

October 21, 2015

Incredible experience: The detox moment of Caudalie

Ladies, your skin blames you?

Ahhh the change of season ... Although we like to curl up in our woolen sweaters, we like less the unusual appearance of pimples, dry skin and dull complexion. Let me tell you about a completely crazy experience to give your skin a new lease of life: the instant detox Polyphenol c15 from Caudalie.

This complete facial care is a real energizing vitamin cocktail and offers an anti-pollution shield for the skin of stressed Womances. The promise: the skin is detoxified, the complexion smooth and radiant.

When I arrived, I was warmly welcomed by Audrey Marleau, Director of the Claudalie Boutique-Spa at Quartier Dix30. She quickly analyzed my skin and validated that the detox treatment was ideal for me.

Here are the treatment steps:

1. Cleaning: Cleansing milk softness mixed with cleaning foam.

2. Tonic: Organic grape water - having ULTRA dry skin, I fell in love with this product. Refreshing and moisturizing. Then, a beauty water - toning, astringent, smoothing, re-energizing, gives radiance

3. Exfoliation: exfoliating scrub

4. Toning, then skin analysis and extraction of blackheads (if needed only)

5. Massage with detoxifying essential oils with energizing jade stones.

My favorite step of the care! Jade stone is used by the indigenous peoples of Central America and is known for its energy transfer properties. The cool temperature of the stones also allows vasoconstriction, helping the penetration of the active ingredients and improving the radiance of the complexion.

6. Detox mask with pink clay that tightens pores, cleans deeply and provides radiance. Extremely relaxing bonus: when the mask dries, we are entitled to a period of relaxation with massage of hands and feet.

7. Tonic

8. Hydration and protection: Polyphenol serum C15 antioxidant / Eye contour cream Polyphenol C15 antioxidant / Cream sherbet mixed with the cream dyed divine

9. We finish by fixing everything with the Eau de Beauté

Real discovery, this treatment is officially my pet to survive the change of season. My skin is luminous, rehydrated, in short, I cover a little. To receive the treatment, you must make an appointment at Caudalie Spa Dix30 by calling 450 678-8801.

PS Hardened Montrealers, take your passports and cross the bridge, I swear you will not regret it!

PPS With the holiday season approaching, add it to your list!


Photo credit: Caudalie Dix30 store


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