WW - Halloween and all its pleasures

October 27, 2015

Halloween and all its pleasures

This week, it's Halloween, the party I prefer the most in the world !!!
Only 4 dodos before seeing little Snow Queen and little Ironmans. The little girl in me wakes up and hopes, again, to roam the streets, dressed.

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When I was little, every year, my father was making a new costume but he was waiting for the evening to surprise us. I remember Michael Myers in Halloween, from Freddy Krueger or a Cowboy straight out of a western. He liked to push the realism to the maximum for the great pleasure of me and my sister. Today, when I am brought to dress for the occasion, I am the footsteps of my dad. It happened to me in the past to sew my disguise myself for lack of choice! I still see myself and the little talent that I have in sewing, raging after the edge of a hippie dress 70 years! And you, my favorite Womance's, do you like Halloween?

Compulsive excesses

At the beginning of October, when a dreadful variety of sweets invades supermarkets and pharmacies, I have some parents concerned who ask me which ones to prioritize for the health of their toddlers? Well, if I go in the dictionary, the description is the following: Small confectionery flavored sugar ... I think it says it all, the Womance's! A candy, by definition, has to taste good and is stuffed with sugar.

What is this word?

When I look at the ingredients of sweets, I always wonder how confectioners are doing to put so many chemicals like preservatives, artificial colors, sweeteners, corn syrup, etc. to recreate some things as simple as chocolate!


It would be unthinkable not to pass Halloween to our offspring and that's why, in the vocabulary, our new best friend is the word: MODERATION! The main role of a candy is to be sweet and to give a "Power Trip" to our taste buds so, let's take advantage of it because Halloween is once a year. I'm the first to go dig in my little girl's candy bag!

If your role is to distribute the sweets and you want to change the usual sweets, you will have the opportunity to choose interesting gifts such as stickers, glow sticks, small boxes of raisins or compotes apples in sachet individual.

We finish here!

Finally, if your candy consumption is your main source of energy and nutrients during the day, it may be beneficial to review your priorities! It is important to understand that everything is a question of balance! For the rest of the year, I suggest you turn to more nutritious choices like dark chocolate, nuts, real fruit bars, veggie chips and homemade desserts.

Happy Halloween !!

Vicky, vOUR Naturopath who is finalizing his disguise ...


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