WW - The minute after

October 26, 2015

The minute after

"You are not at the last minute; you're the next minute. "
It was my father who told me that one day, and I must give him reason.

I do not have a middle name (to my great sadness), but it could clearly have been procrastination. My entire life is based on the philosophy of "procrastination, and afterwards". To the despair of my entourage, it is an inseparable aspect of my personality.

Yet, I am always full of goodwill. "This time, I'll take myself in advance! I said to myself naively. But it never happens. It's like I blink and oops! the deadline is already tomorrow.

Fortunately, sleep is an optional need for me and I have no problem working all night to sleep at 5 in the morning (or not at all) before a deadline. I wake up 12 once on 10 with the impression of being passed over by a train, BUT my duty is ready to go back as if nothing was wrong. The teachers see only fire, besides my cadaver look.

I've always been like that: high school, CEGEP, university. I'm still waiting for the moment when I'm going to hit a wall that will force me to change my bad habits, but by then I do not have high hopes of forgiveness. I am a terminally procrastinator and I will probably be late for my own funeral.

I would so much like to be one of those punctual and organized people. Go to bed and get up early, always be on time, have a nice agenda with beautiful color codes ... Me, my agenda, it's more of a To-Do List who comes back every week, if I'm lucky with one less item.

Many will say I'm lazy, and that's partly true. But procrastination is not just a matter of laziness, neglect or a lack of enthusiasm at work. On the contrary, I can be extremely productive when I do it! I work at the pressure of a tight deadline and I am able to work efficiently and quickly towards a quality result.

On the other hand, the more time I have to complete a task, the more I lose in questioning what I am doing and abusively analyzing the slightest detail. More often than not, I end up erasing everything and start again and again until the deadline comes and I can not change my mind.

To resume the general idea of this article (in English), the greatest procrastinators are often the greatest perfectionists: procrastination is then a defense mechanism. Indeed, postponing work also means postponing the possibility of failure to a later date. Procrastination provides temporary relief from the expectations on our shoulders ... until reality catches up with us, at the last minute possible - or the next minute, in my case.

While waiting for a miracle cure, I'm thinking of creating a support group between anonymous chronic procrastinators. You are all invited! Please note, however, that the meeting will start with 15 minutes late.



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