WW - Essentials of Make-up Kit for Beginners

October 30, 2015

The essentials of the make-up kit for the "beginner"

When I started putting on make-up in high school, I did not start completely from scratch on a technical level; I was lucky. On the other hand, I found really difficult to know what was "important" to use for a basic make-up (well, we settle that you follow: makeup is not important in itself, we are all beautiful without makeup, and c is only a little extra that is pleasant to add to the morning routine).

Now that it's a HUGE MEGA passion and that I'm still good (again, we'll settle it after you: I'm not the best, and I still learn every day), my friends often ask me What are the must that they should have in their makeup bag. It is possible toe get the essentials without buy the entire pharmacy without breaking the bank. My little trick is to integrate from time to time a new step in the routine to avoid going from "I do not wear makeup at all" to "I too much makeup in the face ". Thus, it does not flambé 200 $ at once and not tanner because the routine is too long.

1. Mascara

Which I would not be able to do without if I were on a desert island? The good old mascara. For my part, I like hair brushes better than plastic ones by that they allow to give more volume and define the eyelashes well. The plastic brush on the other hand makes it possible to lengthen the eyelashes, that's why I always use mascaras duo. I start by utiliser my mascara that gives volume and that defines, then I end with the one lying down. My favorite duo is start with le Lancôme Challengenicils of Lancôme and finish with Telescopic of L'Oreal. EFFECT CILS OF PRINCESS INSURED!

2. The pencil nude in the mucosa

Quickly, it looks like nothing when I say put a beige pencil in the mucous membrane (Editor's note: lower part of the eye), but OMG it changes EVERYTHING! When I was in high school, the girls "buttered" thick on the black pencil, but apart from shrinking the eye, it does not change much. The pencil nudehe has an effect "I slept 12 h last night". OH YESS! It allows to open the eye to the maximum and women a good-looking effect. I particularly like the Scandaleyes of Rimmel and the Smokey kohl velvet from Lise Watierbecause they are super creamy and stay in place all day long.

3. Concealer

Am I the only one to be surrounded to the elbows, even after a good night's sleep (I'm barely exaggerating here)? Good, so I guess not, that's why the concealer is really a must. In addition toamoufler dark circles, it can also be used for imperfections, like the best friend of the button that just appeared. I particularly like the Maquicomplet of Lancôme et le Instant Age Rewind from Maybelline. The two camouflage perfectly, do not dry under the eye, and do not enter the folds.

4. Blush

If you want to enhance your complexion, there is nothing better than the blush to get there! There is nothing more cute a little red cheekbone, and that completely defines the face. The powder / cream formulas are easy to apply because they are simply faded with the fingers. For dry skin, it's a plus, because the formula does not dry the skin like an ordinary powder. What's really cool is that you can even use it on your lips if you forget your gloss or lipstick. It gives a little glow on the lip, while remaining natural. I particularly like the Dream Bouncy from Maybelline. There are several shades, all incredible (it should also be quiet to buy), and I do not care!

5. The gloss

To complete the essentials of the kit, it was absolutely necessary to "dress" the lip. A pale lipstick might be part of it, but I chose the gloss, since lipstick is not for everyone. It helps to highlight the lips eIt's easy to get through the day even if you do not have a mirror at your fingertips. It allows a look day to night, and is very comfortable on the lips. My favorites are Intense Butter Gloss from NYX, here are super pigmented and very flexible. For a more subtle look, we put a little less, and for an intense look, we put more.

Here you are now ready to fill your own makeup kit!



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