WW - The little miracle

November 02, 2015

The little miracle

The little miracle happened, just a week earlier than expected, in the early morning. He arrived in silence. I wanted to birth in a few words, that those really helpful I said when starting my pains. I closed my eyes, my boyfriend held my hand and I gave birth as a prayer, gently. "Ari, are you ok, you're saying nothing, you're really zen ..!"

I would have thought to be the guy who screams ... who anguish, who complains or who asks for water, a washcloth, air, music, lark! You see it is that the lady has a little temperament. I have to my sweet surprise been the one who breathes calmly and has the instinct stronger than the rest. I did it in a small bubble, quiet.

Suddenly, to 6h42 an October 26, something cute and completely vulnerable depends entirely on you. Then the little miracle loses weight and no one in the hospital is embarrassed to tell you that you do not have a lot of colostrum and that everything depends on you ... Then the famous milky rise does not arrive, you balance really not having made the deposit at the bank on Friday when leaving but you still have the presence of mind to look at the agenda of your hospital bed, to delay a meeting, to give a visit of locals, and to pay some accounts via your mobile business application. Then the milky climb arrives. Divine milk presence. You are relieved, your boyfriend is very proud of you and you tell yourself that these 3-4 days to feel you little accomplished as a mother are behind you. Thank you.

Part of experience that we want to live selfishly, a part of "better choice for my son in my humble opinion", without judgment for the other choices, and a share of guilt, cis my recipe for breastfeeding When it starts to go well it's great, but it goes through doubts, discouragement, patience, yes.

Then it's the big first round.

The first time you drive the car with the baby sitting in the back.
The first time you have poop full of cushions, hands, t-shirt without knowing how it happened in the space of 4 seconds.
The first time you sleep in a trio of spoons.
The first time you thank your boyfriend for letting you empty the hot water tank without coming to see you, knowing that he gives you "quality time" the way he is able to do at 48h of life of the little treasure.
The first time you pay your employees with a baby in their arms.
The first time your boyfriend makes you eat your cereals one bite at a time. (The first of a long series that is repeated at least 2 times a day and comes across all that can be done to help while baby is at the breast and we have 2 hands taken.)
The first time you cry for nothing. ok no it's a joke, crying for nothing that, I have some experience anyway;)
The first time the number of text messages related to the business went from 95 to 5% for a day.

Then 25, then 50 and back to normal the next day, life goes on is the beauty of things.

The first time you do not care about not answering your e-mails for a few days by not thinking of being negligent.

Life changes. The business can always wait a few hours, my son no. The priorities jostle abruptly for a night of contractions and outbreaks.

To be Womance is also to be a mother.

Ariane Lefebvre, Womance who reconciles her new life


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