WW - Brilliance in a few steps!

November 03, 2015

A burst in a few steps.

Autumn! The favorite season of all. Cool temperature, bright colors, fall mode. It's all well and good, but do you know what that means? Goodbye the beautiful tanned complexion!

It would be pleasant d'to have a dark complexion permanently, but seriously, there are advantages to having a pale complexion for the winter. Exactly, I'm talking about a make-up technique to get a winter look that will make you appreciate your fair complexion. For the cold season, we will proudly wear a fresh look that gives radiance to the face, because the approach of winter means bright makeup. Say goodbye to the ultra-tanned look, the Womances take a pale-looking look with beautiful pink cheekbones and a luminous glow.

The technique I'm talking about is the strobing!

Le strobing comes from the word Strobe in English which means stroboscopic. Like a strobe light, which is actually « the temporal spectrum aliasing effect that can be observed under intermittent lighting ». Concretely, itis as if the sun is intermittent lighting and that the strobe effect is the bouncy light effect of the face when the sun rays s'y strikent. I guarantee you that this technique will turn several heads! It's a beautiful light effect that makes me think of a disco ball. Ç'looks funny de say: « Hey! Uses the technique of strobing, it's beautiful, Tu will look like a disco ball! » Let me explain a little more in details this technique you will love.

You remember-you from my first blog when I gave you my biggest secret of my addiction to lipsticks? I have a second one that is fast approaching the first place, it's the essential product to get the look of the strobing : the illuminating powder!

Here are the steps:

  1. Appliedz the foundation of your choice all over your face as well as your concealer. (Suggestion: It is better to use a matte foundation since this technique consists of à illuminate the face, so here is a simple formula:

Foundation with a bright finish + illuminating powder = bold

Foundation with a matte finish + illuminating powder = shine)

  1. Appliedbad bronzing powder at the ends of the face creating the shape of an 3 (technique to follow) and appliesz your blushs prefer.
  2. The long awaited stagee : strobing. Using a pointed brush or a d-shaped brushrange (fan), depositz the product on the highest points ofe your visage.

That is to say: the top of the cheekbones, along your nose, the underside of the eyebrows, the top of your lip under the nose.

Why these four points? Because it is the points of the face that are affected by the sun and that will allow the illuminating powder to show its strengths!

  1. Pamper yourself! Put on some illuminating powder! There is no harm in having a luminous effect, it is fashionable and it gives radiance to your complexion.

My top 3 the best brands of illuminating powders:

  • Becca Cosmetics
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • MAC Cosmetics

The technique of strobing will make you feel like a million of dollars! It's almost like takinghas crushed diamonds powder and applied themhas on the face!

Here we are with a beautiful shine! It gives life, it makes Womance!


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