WW- Manicure worthy of the show ... at home!

November 08, 2015

Manicure worthy of the show ... at home!

Yes yes, you read correctly! A manicure as in the living room, easy to do at home. I do not know about you, but there is nothing that annoys me more than applying my nail polish and that it is already DEGUID less than 24 hours later. (I could have a seizure on the floor when I lose a piece of nail polish so it makes me angry, I know maybe I should reconsider my priorities haha!)

In short, I did not put any more varnish because I had not found durable solutions, but this time is now FINISHED. I found THE solution that allows you to have beautiful nails for two weeks (maybe it's not long enough for you two weeks, but in my case, it's an ETERNITY). The solution is the UV gel polish used with a lamp. You must tell yourself quickly that a lamp is expensive, but think again! I found mine for 60 $. It pays super fast if you consider that a manicure in the living room costs about 40 $, and it must be redone every two to three weeks. There are also other possibilities if you do not want a lamp, like the new UV gel without lamp (for my part it does not work, but many people see the difference), or the finishing layers (top coat) gel effect.

What you need to know is that our nails produce sebum (yes, it's not just the skin that produces that!), And the amount varies from one person to another. The more we produce, the more difficult it is to keep the varnish on the nail, while conversely, the less we produce, the more the varnish is resistant. On the spot, it is a little longer to do than to put ordinary varnish, but there is no drying time and hardening, so it's a lot easier. (Me, spend two hours hands in the air without being able to do anything, it strays me!). So let's go!

What it takes to do the manicure:

- Nail file

- Friction alcohol

- UV lamp (mine comes from the pharmacy, it's the brand Sally Hansen)

- UV color gel (I use the qUO, on sale in Pharmaprix)

- UV transparent base gel (I use the Sensationail, also for sale at Pharmaprix)

- Primer (optional, but it helps to hold! It comes packaged with clear gel Sensationail)

- Acetone (to remove it)

Well, here are the steps:

1. File nail

It is necessary to begin by filing the nails of the form which you want, it is easier to apply the varnish when the nail has a certain length.

2. File the top of the nails (buffer)

The most important step that must not be overlooked is to file the top of the nails. It makes the nail rough and that's what allows the gel to fit well on the nail. Frost always starts off on the sides, so it's really important to file the sides.

3. Apply primer (if you want to put some)

Le primer make the nail a little exfoliating, just let it dry a little. Do NOT put it under the lamp. We wait a few seconds, then we can move on to the next step.

4. Put the layer of gel transparent base

This is where it starts for real. We put the first layer of gel, the transparent layer. We take care not to put on the skin because in addition to being unpleasant, it makes take off the gel faster. When done, put your hand under the lamp and wait for the light to go out. Only once is enough. If you are ben willing, or just ben freak (I do not judge anyone here, I myself am already pretty like that haha!), you can dry the layer twice. It's normal if the nail tingles a bit when the light is on, it's the UV that does that.

5. Put the gel layer of the color of your choice

It is now that we put the color. We do as in the previous step: we put the gel and then dry under the lamp. It is better to put two layers so that the color is dark and pigmented. Each layer is dried under the lamp.

6. Put a layer of clear gel back

To finish and have a beautiful gloss finish, we put a layer of clear gel and it is still drying under the lamp. Do not touch the fingernail because there is a small fat layer that forms.

7. Rubbing alcohol on all nails

Finally, you need to apply rubbing alcohol on all the nails to remove the small fat layer that has formed. Go in every corner, otherwise you will have fingerprints on your beautiful nails.

You can now do ALL THE TASKS OF THE HOME and your polish will stay INTACT! You are now a WARRIOR of the manicure, #riendemoins. As I say, it sounds long, but it's done for at least two good weeks. Here!

PS I share an incredible picture of my cat, to prove that the manicures, it goes to EVERYONE! Even my Bruno is doing his fancy with his claw covers.

Amélie #thewarrior xoxo


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