WW - I have not been able to choose a title (or career)

November 10, 2015

I did not manage to choose a title (or a career)

All my friends will tell you, I am the worst to make decisions.

Regardless of the subject, all I know is that I do not know anything. Like Socrates. The restaurant where I want to eat, my plans for the weekend, the shirt that I want to wear (white with black dots or black with white dots ???): I do not know. Nothing. Nada. Niet.

Existential questioning par excellence? The choice of career. We must all think about it, at one time or another. For some, the debate is closed at the age of 8 years and a half. For others, it's more complicated. Indecision being possibly my most dominant personality trait (I'm not sure), I'm in the second category.

For further studies at university level, I applied for admission to ten different programs. 10. Let's say it cost quite a lot of administrative costs.

The worst thing was that it was not plans A, B, C, D in decreasing order of priority until J, in case the first ones would not work. No, it was just plans. Random and haphazard plans, much like the questions in my head when making my choice.

To be honest, I'm still looking. To be honest, I worry a little bit.

I know by heart the training offered, the related professions and job opportunities in the fields that interest me. I compared the course lists, looked at the placement rates, and attended the University Open Houses twice instead of one. After all, it's an important decision to make and I would not be wrong about my future with a big A.

As it stands, the pension eligibility age will be 67 in Canada from 2029. Suppose I enter the job market immediately after the end of my baccalaureate (#dreambig). I will then have 23 years; I will have to work for 44 years.

Four decades I have to start planning right now, when I'm just two on the clock and my main experience as a human being so far is ... what is it? Have beautiful newsletters? Beautiful shoes? Make people laugh on the Internet sometimes? Nothing very useful when it comes to drawing my professional itinerary with a sense of non-existent orientation.

Of course, I know nothing is definitive. It's never too late to change your mind. There are journalists who become lawyers, musicians who become engineers and gynecologists-oncologists who are part of a rock band (not even a joke).

"There are as many routes as there are people", which people say. It is true. The problem is that you have to start somewhere and I still have not chosen which shirt I want to wear.

Julie Levasseur


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