WW - Sacred November

November 13, 2015

Holy month of November

Sacred bistros filled with couples who sip their hot drinks topped with whipped cream, this sweet surplus being found later on the lips of lovers and then in big wet kisses. Sacred song ofAdele, the one that creates a need to bother you someone which does not exist or no longer exists in the present verb, Hello the singles blues of November. Hello. Sacred evening when you come back from a bar ben far from the metro and you have both legs freezing, just because you wanted to be cute by putting on your best tights, those who have no holes for now, the loose coat, your summer ballerina shoes in your feet of ice. All it with the intention of finding a little heat, a little summer in your hair and on your skin that still smells of coconut, your skin which should already feel a fragrance of spices or pumpkin.

Because I am that girl myself. The girl alone sitting at the bottom of the bar ben away from the subway, the girl who scans and observes the Montrealers on their cell phones, to count the likes rather than to look in the eyes. So I left, tired, exhausted, frozen social contact, the real thing.

I left in a taxi, I left my arm for money landing even if the trip was short, I know, I could install the application that everyone is talking about and who comes a driver almost by magic for peanuts, but I did not do it.

Photo credit: Flickr

There were a lot of students sticking up to have a Bloody-Quek much to 9 $ with loud laughs and awkward elbows. The cocktails were diluted with water and I noticed that my face too. I shouted to anyone that I went crying in the bathroom. I could not tell you exactly why, I just screamed and it did me good. The girl who was recovering carefully from the mascara and the fuzzy pink lipstick looked at me out of the corner of my eye. His pity pierced my reflection in the mirror, as did his smokey eye purple-color-of-the-season.

Each small nectar of strong swallowed me the urge to be glued a stronger once under my covers. I really need to install this application which all are part and that makes a man come in your bed with great strokes of flip right (unless it's left?).

I'm here. It not help either, it's autumn aka season-hugs. Feel alone in an evening filled with people. I would have to install the application that would allow me to look accompanied the time of an evening.

Hey, I'm old school. At the time when all met by chance in life and not by forced things, addiction to a machine with an apple on it. Maybe that's why I drink my coffee alone in the morning without a someone virtual wipe cream that overflows my lips, or I love to go for a walk all day with my music and I'm going to dance with my friends in nylon stockings cutes not hot.

It is clear that I would resign myself to install all these applications that everyone is talking about. I have heard their blessings more than once, I admit. But I would stay with my 90 years mindset and my old prepaid card machine, trying not to look at it too much, all of a sudden life going through my face.

Hello, it's you ....



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