WW - In the Ring, colds and flu!

November 12, 2015

In the Ring, colds and flu!

These days, I feel lonely and in great shape ... Huh? Looks like for almost a month, I'm surrounded by zombie sniffing, coughing with hoarse voice, tired little eyes and who will soon have to make a long-term loan for a box of Kleenex. And yes, the cold and flu season is back! As every year, my entourage uses the word flu fluently, confuses the word cold and interweaves the meninges to try to differentiate the two.

In the left corner, we have the COLD : Sore throat, sneezing and nasal congestion. On my right, the INFLUENZA : Fever, headache, pain and extreme exhaustion! Who will be the winner? Me, in the middle, the referee who will decide the match, I opt for option C and I tell myself that, this year, it will be WE Womance's, who will win the fight against all these viruses!

Situating an accelerated flu

  1. Tuesday morning 8h30, the 15 December and everything is going well!
  2. Tuesday 10h38: Lightning bar stroke, unexpected fever, a sudden urge to expand with a great TV series
  3. Tuesday 10h42: Exhaustion, aches and pains, nausea and more no desire to listen to anything!
  4. Tuesday 11h54: Intense headache + all symptoms previous = Human wreck
  5. ... Duration of 5 to 7 days and fatigue for a few weeks ...

You must always take the flu seriously and if you have influenza, you SAVE! She is usually cured at home with plenty of rest and water, hot broths and controlling fever with tempered baths and not with painkillers. Fever is a defense of the body against unwanted. If breathing problems appear, confusion, seizures, blue lips, or if the fever is prolonged beyond 3 days, it is important to go to the emergency department. If in doubt, call Health Info.

Cold run in 5 steps

  1. Tuesday morning 8h30, the 15 December and everything is going well!
  2. Tuesday 11h54: "Feel BeurK" and the bottom of the throat that stings
  3. Tuesday 18h54: Sore throat more accentuated and a sudden urge to expand with a great TV series
  4. Wednesday 6h42: Sore throat, fatigue, congestion, hoarseness and a persistent desire to stay in pajamas and listen to TV all day
  5. Wednesday 17h13: Nasal flow worthy of a pounding, cough, sore ear and head ... Depresses!

The cold can also be painful for a day or two and there are possible complications such as otitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, etc. In both cases, rest and proper hydration will be needed!

Scenario #3: A man's flu

Strike, pain, affliction, tears, moans, torture, despair, calvary, misery, distress, torture ... Atroces sufferings

We protect ourselves, the Womance's

First, there is nothing better than prevention to stay healthy or to minimize the side effects of these viruses. The best way to prevent colds and flu is frequent hand washing with soap and water, especially after touching objects that can harbor germs. A good diet, adequate supplementation such as vitamin D, omega-3 and probiotics can also help you.

Pssst! Our cell phones and computers are nests with microbes. Containing approximately 500 times more bacteria than a toilet seat, it would be good to clean it often!

PsssT 2.0! Oh yes, pleasssssse, do not use disinfectant solutions based on alcohol on the hands at all times, they could trigger bacterial resistance or even cause hormonal disorders in addition to not preventing respiratory infections.

We react later ...!

In naturopathy, the use of Zinc helps to reduce the normal time of the condition and symptoms such as sore throat, congestion and runny nose, headache and coughing. One dose of 200mg per day Vitamin C may reduce the duration and severity of discomfort. It does not change the risk of catching a virus, but it shows a decrease in the duration and severity of symptoms. Also, it will be interesting to take a good dose of Vitamins D 10.000 UI at once, then 4.000 UI for 3 or 4 days. (Half for children between 6 and 12 years)

Among foods with a good dose of ZincMost legumes and nuts can be named, especially sunflower seeds, cashews and pecans. Also we find in excellent quantity in the complete cereals, molluscs and meats. As for the Vitamin C, we eat it daily in almost all vegetables and fruits such as: pepper, cucumber, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, snow peas, strawberry, kiwi, mango and all citrus fruits, such as clementine at the moment. Finally, the vitamin D is more difficult to find. We have an appreciable dose in milk and eggs but we fill it daily in the summer, in the sun. In winter, however, the majority of Quebecers are deficient, hence the importance of supplementation.

Vicky Maltais

Your Naturopath ... who will go to wash your hands, Right Now!


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