WW - The Cat Eye

November 20, 2015

The Cat-Eye

Meow! The cat-eye. My trademark par excellence. Everyone who knows me knows it: Carolyn is not the same without her cat-eye. I must tell you that this little line on the top of the eye makes me feel like a woman so confident. A product, a line, and that's it! In a few minutes I become a mysterious woman, but at the same time sexy. She's the one who looks you straight in the eye and makes you want to know her more, the one who shows a lot of self-confidence and turns all heads. In short, I feel really elegant when I wear my cat-eye, I feel like a superstar!

A woman with a piercing look is hypnotizing, it's attractive. I guarantee you that a simple line of black pencil on the top of the eyelashes can change a look in a few minutes. I adopted this technique a few years ago, because I just wanted to accentuate the shape of my eyes. Women who have small round eyes like me are followers of this technique since the cat-eye does not only create an attractive look, it helps to lengthen the shape of the eye. More concretely, by drawing a line towards the end this accentuates the shape thus creating a more elongated effect of the eye, that is to say in the form of almond.

The technique of cat-eye is definitely the most difficult to succeed because it requires a lot of patience and especially a lot of practice. You know the quote: "It is practice makes perfect." ? This is the best advice I can give you to get the most beautiful cat-eye. I strongly advise you to sit in front of a mirror and practice as often as possible, I promise you that your line will be more and more beautiful!

A beautiful cat-eye takes practice and patience of course, but it also takes good products. I present you my favorite pencil to get a line as sharp as a knife:

Le Tattoo Liner of Kat Von D!

Eh yes! The popular tattoo artist is the creator of the best eye pencil to achieve the perfect cat-eye. This pencil is the most precise in the world of makeup and the pigmentation of its product is intensely rich. The tip of the pencil is made of a thin felt tip, so it easily draws a thin line along the lashes and creates the tip of the cat-eye. Another reason that makes Tattoo Liner the best of eyeliners is that it is water resistant!

Finally! I explain to you how to create the perfect cat-eye:

1. Draw a thin line from the outer corner of the eye by going to join the tip of your eyebrow. (NB Finished the tip at about half the distance between your eye and the tip of your eyebrow.)

2. Now draw a line from the center of your eye outward to connect it with the first line of pencil you have drawn. You can then fill the empty space between these two lines with your pencil.

3. To finish off your beautiful cat-eye, draw the last line gently starting from the inside corner of the eye and going to join the line that started in the center. Adjust the small empty holes by delicately filling the spaces with the fine point of your pencil and if you like a cat-eye more dramatic, increase the thickness of your line by tracing precisely this one.

Here! The feline look successful! Note the number of heads that will turn when you walk in a crowd.

The cat-eye! It's sexy, it's feminine, it's Womance!


1 Photo: http://lindahallberg.se/2015 / 10 / 19 / todays-look-in-control / | 2 Photo: https://beautyandtheeyeliner.wordpress.com/tag/kat-von-d-ink-liner / | 3 Photo: http://www.nicolakatemakeup.com/


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