WW - I will never be rich

November 23, 2015

I will never be rich

I tried to save one day. It did not last longer than that.

From denial to acceptance, I mourned: I will never sing billionaire by throwing 100 $ tickets in the air in the middle of my seaside villa. I will never be part of the famous 1%, this handful of privileged people who drive in a luxury car while the little people Metro.

Making money is one thing; keep it, it's another. Difficult to accumulate zeros on our bank balance when accumulating expenses. Yet, what's the point of being full of aces if you do not even have the right to enjoy it? I like spending the little money I have to create memories, rather than simply remembering that I have money.

That being said, it would be a lie to pretend that all my purchases represent memorable investments. Too many clothes, too many restaurants - I spend too much, too often. Have you ever heard of oniomania? This is the impulsive need to buy, most of the time unnecessarily. The term comes from the Greek words One, purchase, and mania, madness. It is well done linguistics.

My two parents being accountants, one would think that I have budgets in my blood. On the contrary, it is my budget that bleeds. "You do not need that coffee at 5 $," common sense tells me. Despite his insistence, I do not know: first, it's not a coffeeit's a salted caramel macchiato with soymilk, and secondly, yes, I need it. #Monday morning

It is for these reasons and more than not, I will never be rich ... so what? What does it mean to be rich anyway? Typing these two words in the Google search bar, we find 1 770 000 results. Everyone offers their own definition of wealth, from "owning a Ferrari" to "the greatest treasure is love". It covers wide.

Without wanting to enter the cliché "hippie-grano-peace and love I think the important thing is not what we have, but what we need. The pyramid of Maslow classifies the needs of the human being into five categories: physiological needs, security, belonging, esteem and personal fulfillment. The good thing about the last category is that you can do pretty much what you want.

Everyone decides what he needs to feel fulfilled - it does not even need to be expensive. "Happiness is in the simple things," it seems. A walk in the nature, a sunset, parallel parking particularly well executed ... All things that must be taken time to enjoy. I would like to say that it's worth more than millions of dollars, but I do not know: I'll never be rich.

And you know what? It's perfect like that.

Julie Levasseur

Photo credit : https://www.flickr.com/photos/aigle_dore / 8273660863 /


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