WW - You are all beautiful

November 25, 2015

You are all beautiful!

I do not know if it's the season, the gray weather, the winter that's coming; but right now, I have incredible women who meet me at my consulting office for weight loss, and this, giving me as their main reason that they are ugly, badly in their skin, etc. ... If you have a point to remember from your reading today, it is that vowe are beautiful! Every woman, no matter how big or tall, how old or how old she is, has a little "I do not know what" of sublime, majestic and beautiful.

In a universe where the commercials that are presented to us on television and in magazineszInes are all retouched, how can we feel good about ourselves? In writing these lines, I have some small background music and the announcement that is passed just before my selection explains that 97 % of women do not like their body ... 97 %! As well to say 100 % ...

Above all, our weight does not define who we are. Lovezlno one you are. I hear a lot of women at work tell me that they will be much happier when they have lost their sweetness. Let's be good with ourselves, let's be proud of ourselves. If we had to describe ourselves in a few words, we would not start with « I'm fat… », but rather with qualifiers that really describe us: considerate, generous, hard-working, sociable, enthusiastic, determined, playful, with a good sense of humor, etc.

With a hectic life and the hectic pace of our daily life divided between education, work, family, friends, children, spouse and family, we should not add our weight to the list of our worries !

My biggest concern: vyour health

That being said, I'm still a naturopath and I have to be concerned about your health. Weight gain to reach overweight and obesity or even thinness causes serious damage to our body. according to statistics, more than half of adults and more than a third of 5 children at 18 are overweight or obese. Thus, the increase in fat increases the risk of suffering from health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, cardiovascular events and certain types of cancer ... Maintain a healthy weight helps you to feel fit and flexible, to have more energy and to reduce the risk of weight-related health problems.

One of the big problems is that we put too much pressure on ourselves to respect an ideal that, deep down, is not that ideal ... DThis is the idea of ​​subjecting our bodies to astringent diets, painful diets, and arduous food cures. I do not want any of this for you. According to studies, 85 at 95% of people who have lost weight using a diet have taken it back, and sometimes even several extra pounds, within five years of trying to lose weight ( INSPQ, 2008).

There is no miracle solution

Thus, if you want to lose the small waves of happiness that surround your abdomen, I advise you to eat well, to be happy and move ... nothing more simple! There is no silver bullet for lasting weight loss. In addition, this diet, which is not a diet, will keep you healthy for a long time. There is a phrase I often see on social media that I particularly like: " Love yourself to lose weight and not lose weight to love yourself! This seems trivial, but this process is fundamental for a smooth weight loss.

It is important to stop demonizing, counting everything and restricting yourself! Eating is one of the great pleasures of life and it is important to spoil yourself from time to time!

Here are some basic rules:

  1. The restaurants and services of fast food often offer advantageous specials on their products, but the fact that it's so good is mostly due to the butter, fat, salt, additives and sugar in large quantities. It is not uncommon to see meals between 1500 and 2000 kcal. The best option available to us will always be cook our own meals. Thus, we can control the amount of sugar, salt, food additives and ingested fat. This will take a little more time, but we will be rewarded with our waistline.

  2. At meal, fill half of our plate with beautiful vegetables of all colors of the rainbow! Delicious, attractive and low in calories,

    in addition to being excellent for our health.

  3. Always prepare for snacks

    at work, by car and at home. We should always keep nuts, homemade bars, crackers, raw vegetables, fruit, etc. close at hand. Thus, we will stabilize our blood sugar and will not be tempted by the following, by too sweet, fatty and salty foods.

  4. To make a list of meals of the week

    . As a result, when we leave work, we will not be tempted by any restaurant since we will already know our next dinner.

  5. Stop weighing yourself every day. Our weight varies continually from morning to evening, from one scale to another, and so on. The best is to take our measurements once a week and even better, once a month !

  6. Skip lunch or just a meal will make us store the next

    . Epidemiological studies have found that people who eat breakfast every day have a lower weight than those who never or rarely eat breakfast. By skipping a meal, our body will reduce its energy expenditure, its metabolism, in order to continue its activities which will not make us lose weight at all.

  7. No longer buying treats for the house. Thus, the temptations will be much less. Many say that'they are for children but why? If it's not healthy for us, it's not healthy for our children. In addition, there are now plenty of healthy snacks, naturally sweet and excellent to taste!

  8. Read the labels, a remarkable gesture for our health and our weight. In addition to seeing the nutritional values ​​of our foods, we can observe the list of ingredients: pit is long, complicated, and containing incomprehensible words, and the more we must flee. And for good reason, a long list of ingredients will likely be a sign of a lot ofadditives or industrial processes superfluous.

  9. To drink 2 liters of water per day. A little trick, take some chlorophyll. In addition to purifying our blood system, chlorophyll can be flavored with green apple, lime, mint, eucalyptus, etc. So, since it is advisable to'in take two

    Once a day, this forces us to take two glasses of water a day minimum.

  10. After dinner, there is no reason to continue eating. If we are always hungry after our meals in the evening, it would be good to review the meals of the day. Did we eat enough protein or have breakfast in the morning? All this influence our little evening.

  11. Increase our protein intake. Many of my clients tell me that they are more salty than sweet, but when we look at their menus together, there are only carbohydrates: two toasted breads, sandwiches, pasta, far too much fruit, rice, etc. It is important to find proteins in quantitys sufficient in each of our meals. During our snacks, let's focus on nuts, eggs, hummus, soy, etc.

  12. Take the good habit of always adding a soup or salad at our meals. So, in addition to adding a nice portion of vegetables, it will diminish our appetite.

  13. Move!!! We should exercise at least 30 minutes daily to maintain good health. Indeed, people who engage in regular physical activity are usually less exposed to obesity, heart attacks and cancers than others. By moving, we improve our fitness and stay in shape. To move more is to put the odds on our side to improve our quality of life.

  14. Sleeping less than 7 hours per night promotes the risk of weight gain. To avoid getting fat and even consider lose weight while sleepingsome good reflexes are to be adopted: for example light dinner and leave a slot of at least two hours between the end of the meal and bedtime. Then sleep between 7 and 9 hours to promote control of appetite stimulating hormones.

  15. Use excessively herbs and spices to add flavor to all our meals. They perfume, embellish, season, and all for 0 calorie. For example, add turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, paprikaCloves or peppers significantly reduce the negative effects of high fat meals.

Little trick:

    • Add the cannelle where we want, as in the fruits, our desserts, our spicy meals, etc. In addition to being a spice appetite suppressants, it allows the body to balance its blood sugar and regulate insulin production, which has a direct impact on weight gain.

Weight has always been a taboo subject, delicate and difficult. In the end, I would like us to stop worrying about weighing and paying more attention to our health. In doing so, our silhouette will naturally refine ... and most importantly, let's stop feeling guilty at all times! There is no one perfect on this planet and even those who seem to be on the media platforms only show you the best photo taken of the day ... when 50 other snapshots were thrown in the trash. You are all beautiful, the Womance's!

Vicky Maltais, vOur naturopathe who wants you well in your skin!

Photo credit: Pixabay


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