WW - Winter Routine for Dry Skin

November 25, 2015


Winter routine for dry skin
When autumn comes, it's not just morale that takes a hit, but also our skin. We have to start thinking about increasing the hydration of our skin in our care routine, because it does not take much time before the patches of dry skin appear and do not want to leave. Is there anything uglier than the dry skin that appears through the foundation and the concealer? NO! We do not want that at all!

This is why we must find a routine that suits us well with products adapted to our skin. I'll show you what I use, and what works for me, but understand that my routine may not be suitable for some people. It is by trying products that you will find what you like and what suits your skin (you have to be patient, it can sometimes be long). I focus more on dry skin in this article, puisquIt is this type of skin that is the most difficult to manage in the winter (and because I have dry skin myself), but it is not because you have normal skin type to mixed that one should not increase the hydration (it was clearly the most important sentence to remember here). So, here are the steps of my routine:

1. Cleaning

The cleansing of the skin is the first step to make, and it is no négociable! It is necessary to clean and prepare the skin to receive the other products, because one can not apply products on an uncleaned skin (t'know it's as if I put wax on a car full of spit, it's NOT COOL). A wet towel is also not enough to clean your pores (the soap without perfume for the bath NO MORE!). THEYou need a product that will remove sebum without being too irritating. You should wash the face at least once a day, preferably in the evening, because it is at this time that we have the most sebum, but the ideal is the morning and the evening. For dry skin, I recommend taking a cream cleanser because it is more moisturizing. For normal to combination skin, the gel cleansers are perfect (you can still take those in cream, they are just more moisturizing). My favorite ABSOLUTE is the cleaner TimeWise Mary Kay (yes yes, I did say Mary Kay!). It is SUPER moisturizing and contains small beads that exfoliate gently (we love for dry skin). Besides being just incredible, it is fragrance free. That's the end of the reactions and the burns! YAYYYYYAYYYY!

2. exfoliation

We should not do this step every day, but when I do it, I do it at this stage, on clean skin. It is important not to exfoliate more than twice a week because otherwise it irritates the skin too much. The exfoliation will remove impurities that accumulate throughout the day and will refine the grain of the skin. I use the exfoliant Vegetal peeling to the natural enzymes of Phytomer. It gently exfoliates, but really removes all impurities. It is ideal for sensitive skin.

3. The invigorating

This step is optional, but I like toning my skin after cleansing. It helps to tighten skin pores et more absorbing hydration to come (I apologize, I know I'm really a geek hydration). If you wash your face in the morning and in the evening, well you tone up in the morning and in the evening too. The toner comes always after cleaning. My favorite toner is the tonic lotion without alcohol (we like it without alcohol: no burnst!) Marine Water from Phytomer. She is super refreshing. My little thing is to use it just before putting on my makeup. It moistens the skin before makeup to prevent dry patchess appear.

4. The moisturizer

Hydration is so important when autumn comes! For dry skin, we set it right away: it is morning AND the evening that must moisturize. If you find that it is too much to moisturize twice a day, but once is not enough, I advise you to use a moisturizer more "fat" at night, and to use a lighter for the day before applying your makeup. As moisturizer at night, I use the relipidante cream Xera Calm Avène. It reduces the itching and is perfect for very dry and reactive skin. What's really cool about this cream is that it can also be used on infants and children, so it's perfect for the whole household! For the day, I use against the cream Marine sweetness from Phytomer. She is great for sensitive and reactive skinsince she helps reduce redness (that's why we like to apply the day, our redness is less apparent).

5. The foundation

Foundation is not one of the mandatory steps to follow, but if you put it on a daily basis, it might be worth changing to a more moisturizing option and leaving out the matte foundations. I use the same throughout the year (never enough moisturizer for me ... haha!), But it's a good foundation to use when fall arrives. I use the Nude Air Serum of Dior. Coeven the name says it's a serum, that's why it's more moisturizing. It has a fluid finish that does not feel on the skin, for has a opacity average. With a corrector for more coverage, it is the IDEAL foundation. On the other hand, it is very liquid so do not apply too much at a time, because it flows quickly (I wasachey my sweater the first time, it was not cute pannnnnntoute!).

So now, you know now my tricks to get through the cold season, without your skin feels the effects!

Amélie xoxo


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