WW - The holiday makeup trio

December 02th

The trio make-up of the holidays

Oh December! You are so cold, but so beautiful! This is probably my favorite month since it is the holiday season that is fast approaching. The time when all people are happy and smilingswhere streets and shops are buriedes of lights and colorful decorations, where the tall firs are dotted with large white flakes illuminating the entire city, where shopping centers are bustlings because it's Christmas shopping time; short, it's time to thank our family and loved ones for being part of our lives.

There is definitely another thing I love about this time of year and it is of course the opportunity to create festive makeup. Sadorn your red lipstickss and your glitter, it's time to pamper yourself with colors exploded!

In this blog I expose you the perfect combinations in my opinion to succeed your look festivals. There are several makeup styless which will satisfy alltes the Womance's and you will have the chance to the practice to determine your favorite for your Christmas parties. The keyé success for successful makeup at dinner parties and festive gatherings: balancing the colors of products on your face. In summaryYou just have to balance the patterns of colors and patterns of your makeup on your face, because I do not want you to look like a Christmas tree at your office party. I strongly suggest you to dare this festive season, it's time to let go of your creativity and show your talents.

The first look: The red lipstick

Eh yes! Red lipstick is the classic everyday product and the most reliable choice when creating vibrant makeup for Christmas parties. It can match almost any makeup on the eyes and perfectly complements the little black dress. You can choose a matte or glossy lipstick, depending on your preference. Personally, I prefer matte lipstickss : Since we eat a lot during the holidays, we do not need to worry about applying the product throughout the evening. To complete this look, I suggest the technique of cat-eye - it's simple, it's beautiful, it's sexy!

NB: I suggest you avoid the red lipstick with a green dress, it's a little quetaine (although it's the classic Christmas colors, it's still there).

The second look: Sequins

Whether in huge quantities on your eyelid or a simple shiny line on the top of your eyelashes, sequins are a necessity when we create a festive makeup. Sequins are like Christmas lights on the tree, except thatthey are on your eyelids and shine throughout your evening. This product is for the woman who dares a glamorous look and makes us feel like a million dollars. You can opt for gold or silver tones, it depends on your personal taste and the color of your coat. I suggest you a matte lipstick with this look, because we want to avoid looking like a clown!

The third look: The smokey-eye

The third look is for makeup rebels who like to get out of their comfort zone, those who like to dare and who want their heads to turn as they pass. I propose to try a smokey-eye green forest for the holiday season. This look appeals to me a lot and I think it is ideal for Christmas parties with friends since he is more daring than others. You have to be careful with this smokey-eye, because putting the focus on the eyes must be a little more subtle on the lips. Opt for a lipstick nude in shades of pale beige, taupe or even pale pink to complete this makeup.

Finally, the final product to complete your festive look is: the illuminating powder! This product is a necessity that will make you shine and add a shine to your face. You can learn more about this product HERE !

Let your creativity go for the holiday season and darez! It's a time to celebrate with your loved ones and to spread love and happiness. Have fun with your products and do not forgetz not that it is the opportunity to blaugh and feel like a princess.

I would love to see your creations, send us a photo of your festive look and do not forgetz not the hashtag #BeWomance on your photo.

My dear Womance'sBe careful and have a wonderful holiday season!


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