WW - A beautiful holiday season

December 04th

A beautiful holiday season

Do you lack inspiration for your list in Saint-Nicolas? I come to your rescue with some purely beauty gift ideas!

Your favorite fragrance

Dare to improve with the perfumed cream. The holiday season is the perfect time to find an exclusive complement to our usual scent. In addition, the use of a cream or butter significantly increases the performance of your fragrance.

  1. Chance - Chanel Eau de Parfum - 112 $
  2. Chance - Chanel Iridescent Body Cream - 80 $

The palette Ambient Lighting by Hourglass - 95 $

'' LA '' palette to include in your kit if you want to make strobing (Carolyn talks about it here). With its six shades, you will have a complete selection to model the perfect look for any occasion.

La Majestic collection from Lise Watier

I am in love with this holiday collection, it lends itself to all celebrations. We can easily vary our looks depending on the application. Go from a chic style to vamp in an instant. Here are some of my favorites:
  1. Majestic Palette - Dark Diva - 42 $: Perfect for adopting both a smokey natural or darker.
  2. Duo Contour & Blush - 38 $: You are afraid of Contouring? This palette is great for beginners who are scared to get started. Powder is much more permissive and you can go more gradually. Get started!
  3. Double face brush - 32 $: Beautifully accompanies the Duo Contour & Blush. For a successful makeup, it takes the right tools. Brushes of good quality are a must!
  4. Rouge gourmand velvet Fatal Potion - 24 $: OH-MY-RAL (lipstick). I found myself in front of this dark and rich shade. I think it officially comes to replace my Dark Side red MAC Bonus? He is super dull. I'm in love!

Le Beauty blender - 28 $

This little egg-shaped sponge will become your best friend. It allows a unified application of foundation, concealer, concealer and all the trimmings. It's almost magical. Forget the streaks, the demarcations of foundation, use your Beauty Blender and enjoy a radiant complexion!

In my next article, I will share the items that make up my survival kit for the holidays.


Photo Credits: Amazon / Sephora


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