Earn more 1300 $ in prizes :)

December 08th

Today'now, I'm launching a contest that may seem a little crazy, but that for me sounds so true. J'have the chance to'have a lot of resources and a lot of people around me. J'so askedé to several suppliers, à friends to collaborate with me. J'have groupé, in one giga gift basket, full of'edléthat I'love, be it chègifts in my favorite restaurants, care in a beauty clinicé and in a hair salon, a Daniel Wellington watch, écell phone, several accessories, in short a gift package that totals more than 1 300 $.

Why not several awardsébyés? The reason is simple. Because the holidays are for me, a sign of sharing. The denrée the rarest and most préHeavenly is undoubtedly the time. Give time, share time, c'is what coûyou the cheapest and c'is what I think is the most fun. On the other hand, the time of fêyour rhyme also with gifts. The companyété n'is not badly done because'we mérite everyone for a moment in the'année to get gâb. I l'have said often but it does'There is nothing that gives me the pleasure of pleasing people. It does not'there is certainly not a êhuman being whoétry to see another happy. J'had it delivered, in surprise, à one of my best friends lastèa gift of which sheêsince très long time. She'called and she was crying like bébé so much she éwas happy. Well, it's been a long time since I'edI did not feel so good.

This big gift package is for that. It is used by the winner to share it. You ndo not youéto give what'there is'intélaughing (You're probably going êto be obligeded a little. KaseMe's guys gaveé 2 ématching cell phone à 2 modèthe différents - à unless you have two cell phones, and çwould surprise me), but you owe it to yourself to share it. In addition, some prices are in Quebec City and others in Montreal, you will have to travel (It's not New York but it's just as pleasant)! Bring a friend to eat the best tartars in the city of Québeak at Bistro l'Atelier, makeécover a ton of new bières à yourère à la Brewery Saint-Denis à MTL, offer the gloss #portezlalumière of Lise Watier Foundation à a woman around you who inspires you by her strength and heréalizations, leave the facial care of the clinic Skins Showéal à your mèshe will be able to relax an hour with the best éteam in town and spend an eveningée à make cocktails with all your friends with the Mixology bag of Mr Cocktail (Imagined by the'unbelievable Patrice Plante) accompanied by'one of the best mixology books, L'Type du cocktail. VERY important element, I created this package for sharing. This is his reason for being. Above all, do not keep this gift pack only for you. It serves you absolutely à nothing to look at all these goods telling you that c'is all à you. When you go to see the faces of people around you when you share it, you will quickly understand the value of this prize. That's it, a # NOËLDESWOMANCES. And anyway, share and make people happy, it's really 2016.

This is what the gift package contains. I also put you all the links to the websites and / or pages on Facebook of all nice companies (they are perfect) :

The watch ''Classic Bristol 36mm'' Rose Gold's Daniel Wellington ;

A gift certificate worth 50 $ at Call It Spring ;

A gift certificate valued at $ 50 with the best hairdresser in the world at Salon The Beauty & The Head in Quebec ;

A gift certificate worth $ 50 as well as the book The Art of Cocktail, all offered by the Bistro l'Atelier in Quebec City (The bean salad and the Zelda cocktail I 'overcompensate' Psst is open to everyone);

The suitcase of Mixology complete offered by Mr Cocktail and created by Patrice Plante, the best mixologist of the MOONNNNDEEE. (The suitcase is a complete bar set including the 10 essential elements to become a future Pat Plante.It is also a perfect and available Christmas gift. HERE.);

A gift certificate for a $ 150 $ facial treatment offered by Skins Montreal. The beauty clinic that takes care of my little face so well;

A gift certificate worth 100 $ offered by the Brewery Saint-Denis, my favorite place in Montreal. I love beer (my daughter region), they have a ton and the food is just as delicious! (Pssttt: It's a brewery, but you have the right to bring your little brother to stuff himself with natchos);

A cap of Bad Boys, the beautiful behind the creation of the beautiful Womance Boutique;

The book ''The Marketing Blueprint'' from Jules Marcoux, the best marketing guy in MONNNDE;

Two phone cases offered by the Quebec company Kaseme (Samsung & Iphone);

And the gloss and necklace specially created to support the Lise Watier Foundation. Now you have #lightlight around you.

All Quebec creators of the online store have also agreed to give something (They too, they are really perfect):

The Auguste earrings offered by WellDunn ;

A trio of bracelets (Oubliette, Youdie, Rijotte) donated by CréativeVal Bijoux ;

Necklace Denka Offered by Horace Jewelery ;

The Tartan Class duo offered by The Scrunchie Shop ;

The Pink Pretty necklace offered by Twenty Compass ;

A unique and exclusive banner in the contest offered by The Lauren Factory ;

A citrus moisturizer '' Satsuma & Tralala '' offered by Firecrackers ;

A Bruce Wayne Lightning phone cable offered by Boone Collection ;

A white Alta pompom tuque offered by Sink Montreal ;

Two pocket sweaters (one for girls and one for boys) donated by Pockets & Wires ;

And an Iphone 6 case WOMANCE.

For your participation to be complete, you must complete all the steps below.

The contest ends on 25 December 2015 at midnight.

The winner will be announced on Facebook Womance the 26 december 2015 at noon.

The prize will be sent by mail at the expense of the company.

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