WW - Ode to sleep

December 09th

Ode to sleep

The ideal sleep time for an adult is from 7 to 8 hours, but I have the impression that in my case it is always 5 minutes ... more.

I think I could sleep to infinity. It must be said that I have a natural propensity to sleep. My favorite feeling is certainly to flee my responsibilities, buried under the covers. It's not for nothing that I need three alarms to get me out of bed. For the record, they are called "wake up", "standing" and "it is serious". That says everything.

There are those early morning sun-seekers who are alert and frisky as early as 7, ready to start the day. Me, when I get up at 7, I'm at war with life - and she wins. I could be a morning person if the morning came around noon. Before that, I'm only semi-functional.

I have tried all the tricks to develop a normal sleep / wake rhythm: set up a pre-sleep routine, drink an herbal tea, read a book, get up at the same time every day ... Failure, failure, failure, failure. Lack of diligence or willpower? Perhaps. The intention was there yet.

Sleep is both a blessing and a plague, since it alleviates all problems without the slightest effort. It's easy to be tempted. While sleeping, we forget our worries at work, our stormy relationships, the stress and disappointments of the day. We wake up calm, rested and much more able to make informed decisions. If only the rest of the day could be so simple.

Despite all its benefits, sleeping is often the first thing you neglect. A dissertation to write for the next day? "No problem, I'll go to bed later tonight! We do not want to miss an episode (or a season ...) of our favorite series for a few hours of nocturnal rest. It's still not our fault if the views are automatically linked. Yes, I'm talking about you, Netflix.

Did you know that the human being is the only mammal that deliberately delays his sleep? Millions of years of evolution to arrive at this exhausting reality. I have not done any studies on the subject, but I bet that the students at the end of the session increase the average fatigue. At least, that's what I infer seeing the dark circles under the eyes of my classmates these days.

Good news, however: British scientists have recently come to the conclusion that the school should not start before 10 h at the high school level and 11 h for higher education. A single visit to a classroom on a Monday morning is sufficient to confirm this hypothesis. If anyone ever wants to do more research in Quebec, I volunteer as a tribute.

They say you have to follow your dreams ... so I go back to bed.

Julie Levasseur

Photo credit: Instagram


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