WW - When stress holds us!

December 10th

When stress holds us!

Thursday morning, 7h17 ... I look at my schedule before starting my day and I can not wait for it to be over ... My appointments follow one after the other and my breaks are tiny and extremely rare. I have not started yet and I am exhausted! But hey, be positive, a dodo before Friday night ... Oh no, it's true, my weekend is really busy! A friend's party, the girl's class and she needs new pants, shopping, I get my spouse's family on Saturday night ... Oh no, but what will I serve for supper? Good, good, good ... Calm us, I'll rest Sunday .... Uh finally not sure, I have a big issue for Monday, a new article to submit for Tuesday, several new customers next week, recipes to put together, groceries, lunches, snacks ... All in all, I may rest, and I say maybe, a day in the holiday season ... I think of my responsibilities and my throat is used, I have palpitations, heat, I feel anxious, nauseated, stressed ... OMG, I'll never make it!

Vicky, calm down!

Let's be realistic, I succeed every time, I'm a SuperWomance Certainly, like the majority of women here, but that does not stop the fact that stress is one of our worst enemies. Becoming an accomplished adult always brings a lot of problems and stress ... So much so when we have a moment of tranquility and calm, we feel weird, useless and we search in our minds if we would not have forgotten something ... because being calm and rested, it is not a normal state in our society! Life rolls at 150 km / h!

Naturopathy against the stress

Stress can cause many health problems, but it can also lead to other physical and emotional complications such as addictions, poor nutrition, mood swings, insomnia and lack of physical activity.

Several pathologies can occur as a result of constant stress such as eczema, high blood pressure, problems with concentration and memory, ulcers and digestive disorders, anxiety, a weak immune system, problems frequent heads, le early aging, periods of infertility, etc.

What must be done then?

I understand that we can not change our lives, our work and our habits dramatically overnight. So, there are some simple tips to reduce stress that can help you like:

  • Abandon coffee and all that contains caffeine: coffee, tea, chocolate and soft drinks.
  • Take a magnesium supplement.
  • Sleep enough.
  • Make physical activity every day even if it's only a 30 walk minutes
  • Take hot baths in which we can add a dozen drops of essential oil of lavender, chamomile and sage.
  • A good diet including lots of fruits and vegetables
  • Do an introspection to find the number one cause of all this stress and eliminate it

For foodstuffs containing magnesium, we find walnuts, chocolate, seafood, the cabbage family as well as whole grains.

To conclude, if you feel continually stressedit's not just a slight problem, it needs to be taken seriously. Stress can have damaging consequences for your health. Good stress management always starts with keeping calm and coping with problems. In any case, in the majority of cases, stress does not bring us anything positive!


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