WW - False eyelashes. We did it ?

December 10th

False eyelashes. We did it ?

Last May, I decided that I wanted to try eyelash extensions. I did not really know how it worked, let alone where to go. Well, I admit, I had just seen the YouTube video ofAlexfashionbeauty, and it REALLY gave me the taste! As I did not know anyone in my corner who was laying extensions, I went to see the same as Alexandra presented in his vlog, the beautiful Cassandra Loignon, in Saint-Augustin (I went shopping in Quebec at the same time: the defeat was perfect! #sephoraforthewin).

I made an appointment and, two weeks later, I went to his condo for my first extensions pose. Before our meeting, Cass (for intimates) sends us an email telling us the rates, maintenance and types of eyelashes. It uses the best quality of eyelashes on the market, that is to say mink eyelashes (false mink). They are stronger, lighter, more flexible and turn less than conventional synthetic lashes. Cass offers different lengths and thicknesses, creating the look you want. I chose the thickest eyelashes, and the expert suggested me to put longer eyelashes in the outer corner to highlight my eyes shaped almonds.

The pose lasted about 45 minutes, but the more eyelashes, the longer the pose. Cass is also careful not to stick the extension too close to the eye, but just on our eyelashes. When the pose is over, we really have a crazy look!

When the pose is finished (we do not even feel them!), It is now up to us to make sure that the eyelashes remain beautiful and take a long time. The technician gives us a small eyelash brush to brush them, and it's important to do it because they mingle if we do not do it. I decided not to make up my eyelid and no longer put eyeliner for extensions to hold as long as possible. I no longer had to clean my eyes or rub my eyelashes, so I lost less. If you want to continue makeup even with the extensions (I really did not feel the need, the extensions steal the show), it is important not to use makeup remover containing oil. Indeed, it weakens the glue and you will lose your beautiful extensions.

Do not be afraid, they do not damage your eyelashes at all (I just removed mine and my eyelashes are exactly as before) and they fall when your eyelash must naturally fall. Being careful, I was able to spend 4 weeks without having to fill. However, if you do not take care of it, you may have to go to 2 or 3 weeks.

Seriously, when we start, we just do NOT want to stop! We get up in the morning, we're already cute, and 5 minutes later, we're ready. In addition to being beautiful, it's super convenient because you do not need to buy mascara while you keep the extensions; if your eyelashes are not naturally curved, they will be; it's going a lot faster in hurry mornings (or you can just sleep longer as you only need 5 minutes to get ready, you see how I think about you!); and we are CANON at all times. If I do not convince you after my longest enumeration of the text, I do not know what to say to tempt you to try haha!

I kept my extensions for 6 months (I was bored with mascara, so I stopped, but I should not have), and I guarantee you that I'll start again next spring! I'm showing you here a picture of a Cass customer, the result is just amazing!

Besides, it's important to choose your technician, who must be certified (Cass has the certification of Xtreme Lashes) to ensure that it will not put something that will damage your eyelashes. You can follow Cass on Instagram to see what she does, and if you want to make an appointment or inform yourself about the rates, you can contact her on her page on Facebook !

Here is the same customer with a picture before / after.

PS - Cass also makes hair extensions really INCREDIBLE. I show you here those of his sister (his red is sick by the way, I seriously thought to become red).

Amelie, Womance's Writers Beauty


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