WW - Survival Kit for the Holidays

December 13th

Survival kit for the holidays

I confess, the holiday season is my period PRE-EF-REE of the year! I'm listening to Michael Bublé's Christmas album in a loop at 1er December (go ahead, judge me, I assume).

However, we must also realize that it is a marathon of celebrations, we run from one dish of turkey to another, makeup, removes makeup remix. Phew. Exhausting for us, but even more for our skin.

Here are some essentials to adopt to survive the frantic pace of this period (we all want to look cute and based on millions of family photos).

CC Extreme Eyeshadow Base Lise Watier

Marathon, you say? When you start your day with brunch at 10 h and it ends at 2's in-laws at the morning, you need a make-up that lasts.
First, this base for the eyelids can magnify the intensity of your makeup and allows to fix up to 16 hours!

Secondo, this base stands out mainly from others thanks to its tip in zamac. Sorry, will you tell me? Zamac is a metal alloy that has the property of being always cold (yes, yes!), Which refreshedt the eye to the application and offers a smoothing effect. Very appreciated effect when one sports the tired eye in spite of us.

We also like the slightly tinted formulae which corrects and standardizes the color of the eye, offering a nude effect if you want to go for a natural look.

27 $ - Available online and in pharmacy

Soothing sensory care Aqualia Thermal Extrasensitive Vichy

The shock of the temperatures inflicted on our skin during the winter period contributes greatly to its hypersensitivity. This treatment acts as a balm on dry, sensitive and uncomfortable skin en moisturizing and relieving immediately. It contains ingredients such as Vichy thermal water, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3 and shea butter, respectively recognized for their soothing propertiess, plumpings, anti-inflammatorys and nourishings.

For those who naturally have sensitive skin, I encourage you to adopt it as a permanent care. For the others, il can be a life-saving treatment when your skin is put to the test. We really like its creamy texture, which leaves no greasy or sticky residue.

39,50 $ - Available in pharmacy and recently online (Yay!)

The beauty water of Caudalie

I am not morning, but not at all. Based on rosemary, mint and rose essential oil, the beauty water acts as an alarm clock for tired skin. Offering an instant boost, its scent is refreshing and it tightens the pores in one application.

I also love to apply it once my makeup is done to fix it and during the day to invigorate my skin. A little pshit between each celebration, why not?

This product is offered in 30 format or 100 ml. I prefer the 30 ml because it hides well in the handbag.

19 $ for 30 ml and 53 for the 100 ml - Available in stores, pharmacy and online

Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Strips by THEFACESHOP

Express care for tired eyes. We apply the strips under the eyes 15 minutes and bam! Awake gaze. The feeling of freshness is more than pleasant and we observe a decrease of the pockets illico. Enriched with raspberry extract from Hymalaya and collagen, these "Patches » will only beautify your look. Make reservations, you will become addicted.

5 $ for two bands - Available in store and online

Fruits & Passion face mask

Do not have time to do your usual care routine? No problemo. Masks for the face of Fruits & Passion allow you to take care of your skin in two steps, three movements. With 16 Essences and as many properties available, you have a range of choices to offer the boost necessary for your skin and stem the problem.

Long live simplicity! In the form of a cotton mask, soaked with the desired serum, you apply it on the face, wait 15 to 20 minutes and that's it. No rinsing, no frills.

My favorite? Avocado (moisturizing), bambu (purifying), bacai ale (detoxifying) and green tea (energizing)

2,50 $ - Available in store and online

I wish you a wonderful holiday season, enjoy and take a few minutes to take care of you Womances!



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