"Gemini" necklace - Silver


  • "Gemini" necklace - Silver

    Astrological sign : Gemini
    Passage of the sun in your sign : 21 May at 21 June.
    Word that defines you : 1-2-1-2
    Description: Great interlocutor born, your communication skills are pretty "sua coche" with others. When you speak, everyone listens to you and you know how to get a message across. You stand out by your living spirit and your personal approach with every person you meet. In everyday life, the devil routine, it bores you to die. You need to be constantly stimulated intellectually. A phrase that represents you? Life must live at 10000 km / h!
    Silver plated 925 silver necklace 18K.
    SKU: GEM-ARG-200115