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At Womance, since day #1, we choose and distribute clothes that you like. So we search for you around the world the new trends, the styles that interest you, LA piece of clothing to have in your wardrobe and the most trendy accessories to put them at your disposal. This allows you to shop on the web by not asking the famous question: "Does this really sound like what I'm going to receive?". You shop without fear of the "fit" of the clothes since we offer you a detailed chart, useful comments for the purchase under each product and a service of live chat (located at the bottom right of the screen) to guide you through your shopping.

We offer you very fast and very affordable delivery times and you make sure do not pay customs fees often related to the purchase of clothing at sites located abroad. We choose the best clothes from huge selections, we test the quality / price ratio for you, we present them under look shape to make shopping easier, we offer you a fast and efficient customer service and it is easy for you to return the clothes if they do not please you brief, we take care of everything for you. It is by offering all these services that we come to distinguish ourselves and that we create strong partnerships with different distributors that allow us to sell all these products under the brand name Womance ™ in Canada.

It's also possible that you find the same products on different huge sales platforms all over the internet. Since we work with huge distributors all over the world, the same clothes are found everywhere. This way of working allows us to offer variety constantly. It's this niche that allows us to respond to the fast changing of fashion, the great entertaining demand and so, to adapt to the latest trends in a snap. By choosing to shop and buy fashion on a Canadian platform, you allow the economy here to benefit as much in the creation of jobs as the taxes that are perceived and redistributed in the Quebec and Canadian economy.


We present the clothes on several models with different morphologies so that you can better see the clothes live. We create for you "looks" with all the clothes for facilitate your shopping. Nothing is more pleasant than knowing already with which pants at home it will be possible to arrange the new shirt that one wants to get.

Variety of products

We add news every two weeks (minimum) so you can get quick access to latest trends. Subscribe to the newsletter to be the first informed. In addition, we do not store thousands of items of the same product. We want to offer you as many varieties as possible!


We deliver packages in 1-3 business days throughout Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick for a fixed cost of $ 4,99. Delivery is free with any order of $ 60 or more. Your order often leaves the warehouse the same day it was made (we are real little elves). New features for even faster delivery will be presented in the coming weeks (we think you'll love it). It is also possible to come find your order in 24H at Womance headquarters in Beauport, Quebec.


It's the hub of our business model. We are always working to offer you the best possible service, for which we have made available a LIVE CHAT available, bottom right of the screen. We reply to all your messages live or within a maximum of 24h (In fact, we often answer within one hour). Whether for a question about a garment, delivery or returns, we are always here to answer your questions so do not hesitate. You can write to us at or the family - sure Instagram - sure Facebook. Like you want!


Although Womance does not produce any clothing, buying on a Canadian platform, you allow a certain way to grow the Canadian and Quebec economy. It is your money that stays in the country rather than leaving for countries abroad. It also allows you to put talents from here forward as many photographers, graphic designers, makeup artists, hairdressers, stylists, models, etc., as well as to encourage several Canadian companies: web agencies, branding specialist, parcel delivery services, equipment manufacturing plant for sending parcels, printing, etc.

Womance works for you, with you

So do not hesitate to send us your comments. We are also always looking for what you like so write us without hindrance to info@womance.caOn Instagram or on Facebook to show us a type of sweater, a style of dress, a handbag or whatever you would like us to put at your disposal on the shop.

Thank you for trusting Womance.