"Balance" necklace - Gold


  • "Balance" necklace - Gold

    Astrological sign : Balance
    Passage of the sun in your sign : 23 September at 22 October.
    Word that defines you : Justice
    Description: Admit that your friends do not give you the task of choosing is not it? Being a scale, you have a hard time making a decision, whether vital or trivial. (Not you who decide the restaurant with your friends or your boyfriend ...) You hate injustice and you are ready to do anything to promote equity. A sentence that can represent you: Ready to do anything to help, but please, make sure there is no decision to make.
    925K gold plated 18 silver necklace. The length of the necklace is between 40 and 45 cm. The diameter of the medallion is 1.8 cm.
    SKU: BAL-COLL-191117